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Melanie Royster (MELROY), Multifaceted Visual Artist. 

Art has always been a passion of hers. Growing up shy and quiet, she has always used art to express herself and tell stories. Melanie really dives into her work and is not afraid to be vulnerable. When you look at her work you can also tell that she is not afraid to experiment with different media or to try different techniques, which really defines her as an artist.


Melanie studied Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts and is currently working towards growing in her art career. She believes that studying Interior Design has helped her learn to connect with people. When designing for clients she focuses a lot on healing effects of the client’s space, knowing that the design will affect their energy and productivity. She now uses that same practice when it comes to her art, especially when working with other brands.

She wants to make people feel and reflect. Melanie’s design style is influenced by Caribbean and West African cultures, stemming in part from her Jamaican background. A lot of her concepts are centered on the power and worth of women, especially women of color. She also finds Nature to be very grounding in her work and incorporates it in almost every piece. Texture and vibrant colors are also used to highlight important messages and stories, adding movement to her pieces.


With regard to her art career, Melanie is striving to grow and create as much as possible, based on concepts that are really important to her. She does not want to focus on trends and on what’s “popular”. Authenticity is her goal. Melanie offers many different creative services when it comes to her artwork and hopes to use her talents to impact positively those who come across her work.

(Artist's CV/Resume Below)



Master of Education in Sport Leadership 

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond VA May 2017


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond VA May 2015


  • 5th Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition Presented by University of Maryland Global Campus, 3rdPlace


  • Art Residency, Palette 22, Union Market Washington, DC, 2024


  • “Garden of Aadya” Exhibit, Melanie Royster and Genea Morrow, Village DC, Union Market, Washington, DC, 2021

  • 6th Annual Creative Chicks Art Event, Hello Tittie, Brooklyn, NY, 2022

  • Annual WOCAX Women of Color Art Expo, Columbia, MD, 2022, 2023

  • Group Exhibition “Rise Above”, Curator Marlon Powell, Howard County Welcome Center, 2023

  • Group Exhibition “Black Future’s Month” curated by Blk Omi Art Co. and Ipade DC, Washington, DC, 2023

  • Group Exhibition “Woke Beingness”, curated by Cheryl Edwards, Prince George’s County Park and Recreations, 2023

  • Group Art Exhibition “The Colors of Black”, Above Art Studio, New Jersey, 2024

  • Art show at NBA Indy Allstar Weekend, Ujamaa Art Market, 2024

  • Harlem Fine Arts Show, D Muse Collection, 2024

  • 5th Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition Presented by University of Maryland Global Campus, 3rdPlace


  • Café Mural, The 3rd Inc, Columbia, MD, 2021

  • Airbnb Mural, Collaboration with Realtor Tracey, Landover MD, 2022

  • Stage Mural, The 3rd Inc, Columbia, MD, 2022

  • Retail Mural, Femme Fatale DC, Washington, DC, 2022

  • Dining Room Mural, Capitol Heights, MD, 2022

  • Dining Room Mural, Baltimore, MD, 2022

  • Home Office Mural, Stafford, VA, 2022

  • Kitchen Mural, Washington, DC, 2022

  • Front Patio Walkway Mural, Washington, DC, 2022

  • Guest Retreat Mural, Washington DC, 2022

  • Outside Patio Mural, Fryer’s Roadside Restaurant, Silver Spring MD, 2023

  • Restorative Justice Hub Mural, Shaw Washington, DC, 2023

  • West Elm Storefront Mural in collaboration with Trevor Project, Mosaic District, VA, 2023

  • Backyard Patio Mural, Baltimore MD, 2023

  • Tik Tok USDS DC Office Hallway Mural and Wellness Hallway Mural, Union Market DC, 2024


  • Featured Artist in Gritty Vibes, 2020

  • Featured Artist in Artiste Culture, 2021

  • Illustrated the book “The Love of Toddlerball”, Authors Raphael Jennings and Sherrell Wilson, 2022

  • 8 Page Spread Upstart Annapolis Magazine Fall 2023 Issue, interviewed and written by Christine Lundquist Fillat


  • Art Design on comb/hair pick, AfroPick, 2020

  • Temporary Tattoo Design, Inkbox, 2021

  • Art for Shirt and Hoodie, Flavors Blend, 2021

  • Hand-painted Women’s March Banner, Women’s March, 2021

  • Frontline Action Hub Green Card Art Installation at Capitol Hill, Working Families Org, Washington, DC, 2021

  • SEIU Home Care Art Installation, Working Families Org, Washington, DC, 2021

  • Original Painting/Digital Art for Tahirih Justice 25th Anniversary, Tahirih Justice, 2021

  • Album Cover, JMB Music, 2021

  • Earring Design Collab, Soultry Brand, 2022

  • Bi-Annual Black Girls Art Show, Winter and Summer 2022

  • Partnership for Black History Month, Hello Sunshine, 2022

  • Merch Collab, The 3rd Inc, Columbia, MD, 2022

  • Live Painting Mural, 21 Million Savage Art Expedition and Networking Event, Ujamaa Art Market and Bitcoin Conference Kings, Miami Beach, FL, 2022

  • Curated an Art Pop up Series with Collaboration with Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, Washington, DC, Summer 2022

  • Beer Label Design in collaboration with Troegs Beer and Black Vikings Brewing for Barrel and Flow Beer Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2022

  • Panelist, “Social Justice and Civic Engagement” Panel, Barrel and Flow Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2022

  • Lead Panel, Ujamaa’s Studio Launch Party – Miami Art Basel, Wynwood Miami, FL, 2022

  • Artwork for Nugget Nectar First Squeeze Poster, Troegs Beer, PA, 2023

  • Beer Label Design in collaboration with Old Thunder Brewing for Barrel and Flow Beer Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2023

  • Liquor (Brandy) Label Design in collaboration with Angry Orchard and Noire Distillery for Barrel and Flow Beer Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2023

  • Hand painted Clothing, Designs in collaboration with Eje International Designs for Milan and Paris City Fashion weeks, 2023

  • Group Window Art Installation “Soulful Panes”, curated by Dinah Myers-Schroeder, M-NCPPC, Wheaton, MD, 2024

  • Coachella Merch Collaboration with Coachella and GV Black, California 2024


  • Proficient in painting acrylic on canvas and murals. 

  • Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate.

  • Strong understanding of space, scale, art history and theory

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